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Monday 17 April 2023

Alternative Energy

 source of alternative energy, such as wind, solar, hydroelectric and power of geothermal can provide energy solutions for commercial and residential purposes. in this article, we will  discuss about different energy sources and how they can be used to reduce energy cost  

solar energy 

solar energy is one of the most famous form of alternating energy. solar panels can convert sunlight into electricity and this energy can be used for powering houses .factories and other applications. price of solar panel has decreased in past few years, that make them more comfortable and affordable for homeowners and businesses . for harmless energy householders can use solar panels in roofs of their houses that can convert sun's energy into electricity this electricity can be used in house holds

lights and electrician devises. solar energy can benefit commercial businesses. large solar panel arrays can be installed on rooftops or in open areas to convert large amount of energy inti electricity

wind energy 

second source of energy is wind power. wind turbines make electricity by power on wind. wind turbines are installed openly in fields or offshore locations where wind is strong to harness wind energy, a wind turbine is used, which uses winds energy to convert it into electricity. they can be in size from small turbines to large turbines that can generate enough  electricity for powering an entire community 

hydroelectricity energy;

hydroelectricity uses the power of moving water to generate electricity. this is done by a dam, which stores water. after releasing water from dam water flows through turbine that generate electricity. hydroelectric power is a cost effective energy source because water is a renewable energy source that is found abundant in many areas. hydroelectricity is a energy source that don't cause pollution as it does not produce any emissions.

geothermal energy;

another source of alternative energy is geothermal energy that that uses earths natural heat to produce electricity. these plants are built near hot geysers or springs, where heat of earth is close to surface. to generate geothermal energy, is deeply drilled well in the ground, where steam and hot water are present. turbine is powered by this steam, which generates electricity. geothermal is a renewable energy source, as the heat is always present in earths surface it also don't emit any emission and hence is a clean energy source. in conclusion there are many energy  sources that can be used to make electricity and produce a sustainable future. by emitting power of water, sun, wind and earths heat we can make a better future.  

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